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1. Cookies
This website is using cookies with the following purposes:

Technical functionalism; We use cookies to ensure that the website is operating correctly, including remembering your preferences and choices. We also use cookies to make sure that you have been offered our newsletter.

Measurement of traffic and statistics; We are measuring the traffic on the website. For this purpose we use Google Analytics, Hotjar and Luckyorange. Measurements of traffic and statistics is used to keep track of how many visitors our website has, and to understand how the website is being used by our visitors.

Advertisements and other plugins; Advertisements from our collaborators and plugins to social medias, apply cookies. We are only responsible for cookies placed by this website. When you leave our website, for example by following a link from one of our advertisers, you will then navigate under the terms of their politics regarding cookies.

2. Cookies from third parts
On this website, the following third parts will be applying cookies: Google: The website will use cookies from Google Analytics to measure the traffic on the website.

On the link below you can choose not to have cookies applied from Google Analytics: Facebook

Cookies are stored for this long
Cookies will delete themselves at the expiry of a period. The length of the period will depend on the type of cookie. Cookies will renew at every visit to the website.

How to delete cookies
Read the guide here:

How to avoid cookies
If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can block them. Read the guide here:


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