How To Create An Instagram Theme For Your Business

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Do you want your Instagram feed to truly represent your brand?

Are you searching for how to create a stand-out Instagram presence?

Drawing your target audience on Instagram begins with a strategic approach to your visual content.

Here, you’ll learn how to develop and refine an Instagram style for your business.

1: Evoke Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Foundational brand assets like logos, fonts, and colors are crucial, basic tools for fostering brand recall and recognition.

You must consistently utilize these assets, so that your followers can easily notice your posts in their feed.

Freshii’s Instagram strategically employs their logo in Instagram posts. While they do not incorporate their logo within each photo, they build brand association and recognition by using the logo often enough.

On the other hand, Cadbury’s Instagram always repeats their signature purple color. Not only does this construct and reinforce the Cadbury brand, but it also maintains viewer-friendly consistency in their Instagram aesthetic.

2: Select Your Brand’s Signature Filter

Among the easiest ways to customize your Instagram feed and harmonize your brand aesthetic is to select the right filter and adhere to it – consistently. While you don’t have to limit yourself to a single filter for the remainder of your Instagram brand’s existence, you will be limited to a few similar filters.

This visual hack is subtle yet extraordinarily effective. Check it out in Illyria Pottery’s Instagram feed.

Fashion designer and TV personality Lauren Conrad concertedly and clearly uses the same Instagram filter. This both builds cohesion in her feed and elicits a distinct emotion for her post.

When you choose your brand’s filter, consider what emotions you want to evoke when viewers are scrolling through your collective posts. Clean-cut? Antique? Brooding and dark? Light and free? The right filter will help you nail the exact mood for your brand’s posts.

Another effective way to think about your filter choice? Empirically! Refinery29 shares the what science says are the best filters.

3: Share Instructional Content

Your creativity with branding your photos isn’t limited to Instagram filters. You can manage your visual content in other interesting ways! For example, photo collages, are a great way to deliver multiple images within a single post. Their visual dynamism is great for those in visual content marketing.

Brands such as Benefit, which are naturally featuring many products, love using Instagram photo collages. An Instagram photo collage is perfect for making attractive step-by-step guides such as the one found. Insert text, numbers and even your logo to brand your collage.

Within this collage, Staples, in light-hearted and ingenious fashion, teaches followers how to re-purpose obsolete floppy disks into a retro-vibe desk accessory.

Don’t forget that video is a key type of visual marketing content. Were you aware that followers are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video on it? Further, it’s predicted that video consumption will constitute 80% of online traffic by 2019.

Given that Instagram now allows you to share 3- to 60-second videos and has introduced the Snapchat-like Instagram Stories feature, it is imperative to incorporate videos into your visual content arsenal.


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nachossssssssss ?

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Within the food industry, BuzzFeed Tasty delectably dominates the Instagram video scene. Their videos swiftly accumulate millions of views by utilizing fun font overlay and background music to showcase recipes.

4: Feature Your Fans’ Product Images

Social media is all about the digital two-way street – connecting with your audience. Nothing beats user-generated content on that front. Instagram posts like these are crucial for two reasons. First, they elevate your Instagram feed into a living, authentic and organic narrative vehicle from a lifeless digital brochure. Second, they turn a passive audience into an active community.

Prominent fitness entrepreneurs Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up!  have built a perfected set of images on their Instagram feed. They combine posts that showcase their “Tone It Up Babes” fitness stories along with their own product promotions. They encourage Tone It Up’s subscribers to tell their own authentic stories about their personal fitness journeys.

By utilizing fans as brand influencers, Tone It Up allow real users to bear witness to their product’s effectiveness and simultaneously foster deep customer loyalty.

Another excellent example of a brand that understands how to build that two-way customer engagement is Pottery Barn. Via their hashtag campaign #mypotterybarn, they’re able to select and repost their customer’s best images. This tactic also works to demonstrate to potential customers how people like them are using your products.

Nest, a brand of programmable security cameras, shares user footage of the shenanigans of their customer’s pets. If user-generated photos are considered more trustworthy than brand- or company-created ones, consider how engaging and influential user-generated videos might be (especially if they feature cats!).


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Crouching dog, hidden table. #NestCam

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You must develop an instantaneously recognizable brand presence in order to successfully market to your target audience(s) on a visual platform such as Instagram. From your aggregate feed to the individual image or video that you post, each must reinforce brand recall with viewers.

Your follower engagement, Instagram feed, and even brand recall/loyalty are only as effective as your visual content. Therefore it’s important to strategically develop, follow, and adhere to a coherent Instagram visual style.

Utilize the above tips to help develop an Instagram feed that engages followers and reflects your brand image. If you don’t feel like doing all this yourself, we offer this as a service to our clients. Please contact us for more information

What are your thoughts? What’s your “secret sauce” to create a cohesive and attractive Instagram feed? Do you have a favored method to create posts that your fans instantly recognize as yours? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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