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If you have a website, please provide the URL.

To perform the work, we need access to your account. Don't worry, we understand your fears and take your privacy & safety seriously. Please note passwords are case sensitive. You will always have master control over your account and can revoke access/change information at any time. Please note if you have two-factor verification enabled we will need it off to connect.

Enter 5-20 Instagram profiles that you know your target audience follows (similar Instagram accounts, complementary brands, competitors, influencers etc.) Please select Instagram accounts to target in the size range of 10k-250k followers. If you require location-specific targeting, then we recommend entering local accounts within that geographic location for best results.

If you can't find any then let us know here and we'll help. Please separate by a comma.

Enter up to 20 hashtags that you want us to target (optional). Please separate by a comma.

Enter up to 15 locations that you want us to target (optional). Please separate by a comma.

What are the goals of your Instagram profile? Examples: create awareness, hit a certain number of followers, strengthen the brand, increase website traffic, become an authority in your niche etc.

Who is your target audience. What is their geographical location, gender, age-range, and 1-3 of their interests.

If there is anything else you would like us to know when working on your Instagram, then let us know here. Examples: "I don't want to follow more than 1000 users at any point" - "Don't unfollow any of the users I'm currently following" or anything else.


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