5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

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Have you wanted to begin using hashtags in your Instagram posts?

Do you wonder which hashtags will best reach your target audience?

It will be easier to achieve your outreach and engagement goals if you select the right tool to analyze your Instagram posts.

In this article, you’ll learn about five tools to measure the performance of your Instagram hashtags.

#1: Instagram Command Analytics & Stats

Command is an inclusive Instagram analytics and tracking tool. Unfortunately for Android users, it is iOS only. For $9.99 per month, the app’s premium version offers hashtag analytics.

In the app, you’ll find out which hashtags generate the most engagement in the Post Stats section. Additionally, you’ll be able to view how many likes and comments each hashtag (on average) generates.

Command can track each and every hashtag you’ve ever utilized in your Instagram posts. You will be able to view the average number of comments and liked for each hashtag.

Command will tell you which posts contain individual hashtags, using both tracking options. This information will assist you in analyzing how effectively your hashtags create engagement. When your engagement rates start rising, this indicates that your content resonates with your target audience and/or that they’re using the same hashtag(s).

#2: Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a popular social media tool which allows for robust data reporting on Instagram. The Sprout Social tool incorporates a thorough analysis into a simple, user-friendly report. It assesses your most frequently used hashtags as well as the statistically most engaging hashtags.

Sprout Social’s report assists you in tracking progress and development as you experiment with new Instagram hashtags. When you see a hashtag at the top of both lists, you know that you’ve found a highly effective hashtag. When it only appears in the left-hand column, you know that it’s not particularly effective.

If you’re building an Instagram community, this analytics tool is extremely useful. If one of your branded hashtags (e.g. Rising Tide Society’s #CommunityOverCompetition) shows up in the right-side column of the report, you’ll know that your efforts are paying off. The higher that a hashtag appears on the right-side/engagement list, the more your community is currently growing.

You can track your Instagram community’s growth by measuring your engagement over time. Starting at $59.99 per month, Sprout Social offers inclusive social media management packages.

#3: Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a very comprehensive social tool focused on reporting, analytics, and listening. The Instagram hashtag report furnished a variety of statistics pertaining to your campaign hashtags. To find the report, navigate to the Reporting section. The brown color-coding indicates Instagram reporting.

Though you could generate one report on multiple hashtags, you will probably find that it’s more effective if you analyze each hashtag on its own, in order to compare them against one another.

There are three sections on Simply Measured’s hashtag report: Scorecard, Charts, and Appendix. On the Scorecard tab, you will see a summary of results for the measured hashtag. Simple Measured presents the data in a user-friendly manner. This means that you can easily record the metrics for multiple hashtags for later comparative analysis.

Within the Appendix tab, you can view a list of posts containing the hashtag in the specified time. You’ll find post statistics for every Instagram video or image tagged with the hashtag that you’ve decided to analyze. You’ll see links to the actual posts so that you can view the creative and caption details for the posts.

The “eureka factor” of Simply Measured’s Hashtag Analysis report can be found in the Charts tab. It offers a visual analysis and in-depth insights, including:

  • The moments of greatest engagement during the specified time period.
  • The most-engaged Instagram users who post with your hashtag.
  • Geographic location of the accounts posting the analyzed hashtag.

Additionally, Simply Measured suggests “when to post”  the hashtag you’re measuring.

Simply Measured’s pricing will vary according to a company’s needs

#4: Iconosquare

Iconosquare is among the most famous Instagram management tools. It allows you schedule your posts, access detailed analytics, and both track & respond to post comment within the app.

Iconosquare’s higher-price packages (Elite level and higher) come with hashtag analysis. The app can track engagement for your posts’ hashtags  and analyze the campaign or branded hashtags’ growth.

To assess hashtag growth, you’ll need to first add the hashtags. In the left-side navigation, select the Hashtags section under Analytics. and click “Add a Hashtag.”

Next, click the “add a hashtag” button under Hashtag and enter in the hashtag(s).

Only after you add a hashtag will tracking begin, so consequently the tool is unable to offer historical data for the newly-added hashtag. Iconosquare thus is an option when you want to measure your hashtags only from the very start of a campaign.

Comparing hashtags on the Overview chart is easy. You are given an overview of metrics including the number of posts featuring the hashtag in addition to the percentage content with geotagging.

Should you wish to track engagement on your account’s hashtags, click on the Engagement tab, which you’ll find under Analytics. Next, scroll down the page, and you’ll see your hashtags’ engagement metrics.

In the top-right corner, you can customize your layout as follows:

  • Choose the report’s period of time.
  • Filter results by media type (Photos/Videos/All).
  • Filter results by engagement type.
  • View statistics as a table or chart. (Because you can sort the table headings, my preference is for the table.)

Additionally, you can download data as a .CSV file.

Considering it incorporates branded & campaign hashtag tracking as well as account-level hashtag data, Iconosquare is competitively priced. Packages which come with branded & campaign hashtags start at $29/month.

#5: Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media analytics tool aimed at marketers, agencies, executives, and journalists. It tracks keywords and hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Much like Iconosquare, it can measure account-level hashtag usage statistics as well as real-time branded and campaign usage.

Branded and Campaign Hashtag Data

To find your branded and campaign hashtag data, begin at the top menu, and select “Hashtag & Keyword Tracking”. Next, choose the hashtags and keywords you want to track and analyze.

The real-time tracker measures these stats for individual hashtags:

  • User Numbers
  • Post Numbers
  • Impressions
  • Reach

What makes Keyhole unique among tracking tools is how it communicates secondary information. Keyhole lets you view top posts with the hashtag and see related hashtags and topics in the form of a tag cloud, which gives you a visual portrayal of how hashtags connect and interact in cyberspace. Also, you can view the poster’s Klout score or a list of recent media featuring the hashtag.

Account-level Hashtag Data

In addition to tracking, Keyhole provided account-level analytics for Instagram. To access your account analytics, navigate to the top of the screen, and select the “Account Tracking” option (on the right side of the screen). Next, scroll down to the account you want to analyze.

To locate your hashtag analysis, select “Optimization” on the left-hand navigation. This section of the reporting platform provides ideas to improve your post strategy Examples include the ideal posting time in addition to post length and hashtags for optimal engagement. You can view your top five hashtags by either frequency or engagement.

A unique feature of Keyhole is the “Optimal # of Hashtags” to use content engagement.

Make a note that this graph only tracks the hashtags used in your Instagram captions. If use hashtags in the first comment on your posts (as is common), this tool will not track and measure those hashtags. Click on the graph’s bars to view the exact posts analyzed in the measurement.

Keyhole’s pricing begins at $132/month, billed annually

In Conclusion

Though hashtags can’t substitute creativity, they’re a crucial element of your broad Instagram strategy. It is every social media marketer’s job to know how to use them effectively, so you must be measuring hashtag performance. However, with IG Wizards “Ultimate” and “Elite” packages you’ll receive reports with all the necessary information and data for you to create a successful Instagram hashtag strategy

What are your thoughts? Do you want to add any tools for assessing Instagram hashtag performance to this list? Share your thoughts below.

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